303 Metal Polish


In some earlier products on this list we have discussed polishes that work to restore a metal to its previous shine and luster – which is great. However with this product, 303 have come at the problem from a different angle. Instead of restoring a metal to it’s previous shine, how about building up a long lasting protection to keep it shiny in the first place?

That is the standout feature of this product which boasts a formula designed to build up a thin protective layer over repeated use. This layer, 303 claim, will protect from tarnishes and even scratches. In addition to that useful feature, it provides a superb, highly polished finish, and it is also mild enough to use on a range of metals.

At one very low price for 12 ounces, price wise it’s certainly one of the pricier options, it’s whether you think the extra outlay is worth it for the long term protection.