3M Bondo 261 Lightweight Filler


We’ll kick off our list with this product, a Bondo body filler – though it’s actually made by 3M (Bondo is a brand name) so technically it’s a 3M body filler. Does it matter? Only that we want to give credit where credit is due because we’re starting with an early front-runner for best car body filler on the market.

Bondo (and 3M) have a well-earned rep for making great car filler products and this example is from the premium end of the market. It is a lightweight filler, which makes it perfect for fixing up the little dings and dents that are the most common type of damage a vehicle will pick up during day-to-day driving.

This formula is a two-part putty compound, comprised of high quality filler and a hardener. It is designed to deliver an extremely durable and non-shrinking formula. It hardens in minutes and is nice and easy to sand to a smooth finish and is waterproof. When mixed it takes on a soft pink color for easy visuals when spreading and it is compatible with a huge range of materials.