3M Bondo Professional Gold Filler


Another Bondo body filler next, though just like last time it is actually a 3M body filler. What we have here is a professional grade body filler (hence the Gold tag – sorry it doesn’t actually add real gold to your car body!)

What it does have though is advanced 3M-resin technology that is almost worth its weight in gold – at least if you are trying to repair dings and dents in your vehicle. This filler is by the way specifically designed for use on galvanized steel. That makes it especially well suited for use on vehicles made after 1998.

It boasts an advanced resin technology that is designed to provide an easy application and a very smooth finish after sanding. It is dried and cured in around 20 minutes after application, and once dry it will provide a waterproof finish to protect against rust. It is non-shrinking, and the red color to the hardener gives the product a pink finish when mixed for easy visibility during application.

This product does have a price tag a little higher than many other filler products on the market. But all in all this is a very high quality, professional grade car body filler.