3M Chrome and Metal Polish


As handy as it is to have a product with multiple applications, sometimes it’s just as good to have one that simple does exactly what it says on the tin. To that end, please say hello to this product from 3M called, very imaginatively, Chrome & Metal Polish.

It is possible to use this product on other materials too – such as brass, bronze and silver – however it is specifically designed for use on chrome. If you have a vehicle that uses a lot of that material in it’s detailing, this then could be a very attractive cleaner for you.

Like some others on this list, it is very much a restorative kind of cleaner, and it packs the punch to take on a range of tarnishes to return a metal surface to a previous luster. It is also formulated to either remove or at least minimize pitting and spotting, which makes it ideal for use on wheel trim especially.

Considering you’re getting 10 ounces here, it is very competitively priced too.