3M Rearview Mirror Adhesive


The 3M 08752 Rearview Mirror Adhesive is a simple, two-part adhesive that will do exactly what its meant to do. It rivals other products with not only affordability but other qualities such as heat tolerance; this means, that no matter how hot it gets, this adhesive will weaken, even shortly after application. It is also humidity and moisture resistant, making it suitable for most weather conditions. The 3M 08753 is used mostly for rearview mirrors and other automotive repairs – it will most likely not work on other surfaces.

This product is also highly durable; for one, it is vibration resistant, which means it can take quite a beating as you drive. It is also impact resistant. As a two-part adhesive, the adhesive and activator are kept in separate packages; this means that some mixing of the two substances will be required before use. Whether it is for purposes of repairs or attaching a new mirror to your windshield, this product will work great.