400 to 3000 Grit Wet Dry Sandpaper Assortment


When it is time to fine sand your job to a quality smooth finish, this 90-piece pack from Verones is a great grit size. From automotive sanding, wood furniture finishing, and wood turning finishing to metal finishing, this is a super all-rounder, with grit grades ranging from 400 through to 3000.

With its nine types of grit, this fine grit sandpaper assortment with cover all you need from art and craft, wood work, metal, and plastic applications for buffing and polishing. These fine grits are also ideal automotive sandpapers and will help to give your bodywork job a super, professional finish. Made from silicone carbide and electro-coated for durability, they work well both wet and dry. When used wet, they also have impressive holding powers and won’t crumble or tear apart under pressure when using.  Each sheet comes in a convenient 8.85 inch x 3.54 inch shape that can be easily cut down to size for smaller sanding blocks.