5.11 Tactical Station Grip Gloves


The aim of the game is all in the name when it comes to these gloves! The grip is their main concern – and it’s maintained from the textured rubber fabric which provides an excellent grasp on textured and porous materials. Many critics have stated that these gloves are too bulky but don’t worry… you won’t be working with what feels like mittens on! We would suggest not purchasing these gloves to use for shooting but for other tasks such as heavy lifting and riding, you will be able to grip things and certainly won’t be needing to take them off to complete small, delicate tasks.

The heavy-duty reinforcements at the palm and fingertips protect from all kinds of wear and tear, while also remaining flexible and responsive. Likewise, the padding on the knuckles will protect you against any impact. Be tactical when it comes to selecting your gloves and buy these today.