6KU Aluminum Urban Track Bike


This is a close second to the best commuter bike that is available on the market at present. 6KU is one of our preferred manufacturers of urban bicycles that make for easy riding to work. This is a fixed gear single speed city bike, which does not suit everyone, but it is often preferred for those that simply want an urban bicycle to act as a commuter road bike.

It comes with a lightweight design due to the aluminum frame, which keeps it strong. Its weight allows users to carry the bike easily to and from wherever they need – be it up stairs, off a busy train or into a bike rake. 6KU has definitely designed this therefore with the commuter in mind. As a manufacturer they pride themselves on building bikes with the end user in mind, so do not do anything too flashy. They simply get the basics right, time after time creating some of the best city bikes around.

All in all this is a very affordable bike that won’t disappoint those that are looking for a city bike that helps them with their everyday transportation to and from work. It has so many top quality features like replaceable stainless steel dropouts, smooth welds and, of course, that premium aluminum frame that make it one of our top buys.