AA Products Inc Headache Rack


This brand has a wide array of products created for the satisfaction of customers. We love the AA-Racks X35 Model and it’s one of the best truck rack systems in today’s market. The brand is a leading manufacturer in the industry; thus, it takes the necessary pains to ensure each item it creates works perfectly.

The X35 rack features shared traits found in the cab and the basic X35 headache rack. It comes with a protective screen, which isn’t common with other models in the market. The best thing about this protective screen is that it can be removed and adjusted to suit your needs. This truck rack is designed for heavy-duty thus; it features the use of commercial-grade steel. Designers have ensured that this unit is suitable for a wide variety of pickup trucks thanks to its universal design. Such a feature is hard to come by in today’s market, which is why we strongly recommend this unit for you and your household. To keep your truck rack safe and free from corrosion, it is coated with a matte black powder, and this also enhances its durability for more value.