ABN 1200lbs Single Gear Boat Winch


The final entrant on our list of the best come along winches is this ABN 1200lbs Single Gear Boat Come Along Winch. Made from high carbon steel with a zinc finish, this ratchet device features 23 feet of reinforced nylon strap and a single 3/8-inch drop-forged hook. It has a single-speed gear design and a 10-inch high leverage steel handle, as well as a 3-inch non-slip plastic grip for easy operation.

All of this is capable of maneuvering weights of up to 0.6 tons. This is comparatively low compared to similar tools, but it is also the lightest of the come along winches on this list, and might be a more convenient option for some. It’s designed primarily for loading boats onto trailers, and if the reviews are to be believed, it works well for this purpose.