ABN Metric and SAE Tap & Die Set


This next kit comes from ABN and it is certainly comprehensive. A 60 piece set compatible with both Metric and SAE measurements means this is a tap and die set that should not be found wanting no matter what job you are tackling.

Hardened alloy steel has been used in the construction of these tools, and that is a stand out feature we love to see. It means you are looking at a kit with the toughness and durability to cut a wide range of materials and carry on doing it for prolonged periods of time – everything from aluminum to cast iron should be within the limits of this tough set.

The wrenches and adaptor are not the most ergonomic or comfortable on the market, while the storage case is strangely laid out. That makes it a little larger than many other cases on the market, which could cause some storage issues. Still, that seems a small price to pay for such a tough and durable tap and die kit.