Absolute Untimate Car Trunk Organizer


Sometimes you just want to keep your trunk tidy and organized. Sometimes you want to keep your trunk tidy and organized through all conditions, trials, and any natural disaster you care to name. Absolute’s AO Ultimate Car Trunk Organizer is the organizer for the latter. If this tactical behemoth doesn’t have it then it just ain’t worth having. Unique to all the other organizers on this list, the AO features a dedicated cooler bag section as well as the (claimed) unbreakable buckles and carrying handles that one or two others boast. Securing the AO is taken care of by non-slip foot pads and secure tie-down straps.

As for storage, Absolute’s offering comes equipped with configurable inner walls, twelve outer mesh pockets, two front Velcro-secure pouches, and a bottle holder too. The whole thing is constructed from strong-but-lightweight PE board wrapped in durable polyester with extra stitching to go the extra mile and comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee.