Accutire MS Digital Pressure Gauge


It’s sleek, it detects up to 150 psi, and it’s under ten bucks. It’s not a dream, it’s the best-selling digital tire pressure gauge available right now. AstroAI makes this incredibly ease to read, hold, and use with every inch of this gauge being utilized. Hang this on a hook in the workshop with the loop on the bottom if you fancy, or slip this extremely small gauge into your car’s kit or toolbox, hassle-free.

The rubber-coated ergonomic grip ensures that there won’t be any slip-ups while using this, and the bright blue LCD screen lights up the night, no matter how dark. You get a one year warranty, the batteries come standard, and it even has an automatic shutoff when not in use for more than 40 seconds to avoid battery burnout. Four international readout settings, and accurate as they come.