ACDelco Cordless G12 Series Ratchet Wrench


Coming from a reputable company like ACDelco, customers will always be pleased when buying any one of the company’s pneumatic tools including this cordless ratchet – whichever size they choose. These particular compact and lightweight air impact ratchet tools are also easy to use due to the anti-slip soft grip as well as the LED light that the designers have cleverly included so that operators can see in even the trickiest of spots in a car engine or on other DIY projects. The tool’s diminutive size further helps reach hard to get to places.

The impact tool itself is able to reach a maximum torque of 30 ft-lb and has a speed of 240 RPM achievable. It is also very light at just under a kilo or 1.87 lbs. In addition to the soft grip, the rest of the air impact wrench has been cased in durable metal that is more commonly used to house gearboxes in cars. It means that this inexpensive and slim cordless ratchet wrench will last a lifetime to help operators complete the most complicated of DIY jobs around the home.