ACDelco Professional Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set


One of the best-quality disc brake pads on the market, the ACDelco is reliable, durable and easy to install. These pads are ceramic and semi-metallic, ultra-safe and applicable for a wide range of vehicles.

The ACDelco is tested using SAE J2784 standards for braking effectiveness, so its reliability is guaranteed. Furthermore, its noise/vibration/harshness, as well as durability and wear are all tested for assurance of quality, so you can rest assured these brakes won’t let you down – they really are of superior quality, with great stopping power.

The set features premium shims, chamfers and slots, as well as a stamped backing plate. These all work together to reduce noise and vibration along with breaking harshness. Importantly, the brakes are easy to install, as they come in a box with everything you need, including a brake lubricant to keep everything neat and quiet.