Achilles 2233 XL Tire


Stability on the road is something that should be a given, but it is not often part of the deal as a whole. With its well-thought-out design, the ACHILLES 2233 205 40 17 2054017 Tire offers up a stable and reliable option to drivers. For more on the front of balance and stability, it is fully equipped with a broad tread shoulder design as well as a nifty wide center rib. It also has the ability to keep stable contact while drivers are cornering as well as when they are in need of some good old fashioned straight-line stability. The cornering stability and what not is as a result of its stellar precision steering response. This way, users have total control of their vehicles all the way from the steering wheel to the tires themselves. The cherry on the top here is the increased control of the centrifugal force which results in state of the art stability while cruising at high speeds. This even applies when the tires are on wet ground due to the fact that it offers up reduced hydroplaning. More in relation to wet roads and slippery terrains, this particular model is equipped with wider ribs that allow for water channeling at the shoulder. All in all, drivers happen to be in completely safe and efficient hands.