Achilles Desert Hawk Off-Road Radial Tire


Now, this is a heavy-duty set of tires that are specifically designed for high pressure and extreme driving conditions. All in all, the Achilles Desert Hawk Off-Road Radial Tire – 33X12.50R20 is one with the road no matter how bumpy the going maybe. The tire itself is specially engineered and fashioned to offer up stellar handling and which in turn results in stellar feedback. This undoubtedly comes in handy while braving the most extreme driving conditions. What makes this possible? It is equipped with an optimized structure which has attributes such as a high-density nylon belt which ensures that there is an equal distribution of contact pressure during maneuvering. For even better performance, there is a sturdy rib block located right in the center which optimizes braking performance. All in all, this is a highly stable and viable option for heavy-duty vehicles or simply vehicle who need all the support they can get.