Achilles Desert Hawk UHP All-Season Radial Tire


For the environmentally conscious as well as the safety-conscious this is an option that is impossible to pass upon. Versatility is already an all-round plus when it comes to the brand, but the Achilles Desert Hawk UHP All-Season Radial Tire takes it to a whole other level. The overall design of the tire itself incorporates APIs environmentally friendly Eco-Safe technology. What does this do exactly? This technology goes a long way to cut down the rolling resistance and also boost other areas such as fuel mileage and wet grip. In addition to all that, it’s top-notch design equally optimizes the energy transfer to the road. So, come rain, shine or snowstorm, there is stellar all-weather traction which guards against hydroplaning. Delivering 100% efficiency in all weather conditions is not the only selling point of these tires are also one of the best when it comes to traction. Thanks to a well developed computer-aided design, the Achilles Desert Hawk tires offer up unbridled comfort as well as prompt steering response. Fortunately, this also contributes to the quietness of the tires and the ride as a whole.