Adam’s Polishes Cannon Car Dryer


This powerful car dryer is popular with users, and if you take a good look at the features that it offers it is easy to see why. Adam’s Polishes says that it offers the safest touch-free drying method available, and with an 8HP motor we feel confident that this car dryer will dry your vehicle within minutes and leave it free of micro scratches and water spots. You can fully adjust the speed control of this product, and it will give you 58,000 feet per minute of clean, warm, filtered air. The 30-foot hose has a self-expanding and retracting design that enables you to store the dryer after use with ease. It also takes up significantly less space than standard dryers. There’s a 15-foot power cord and rubberized attachments to fit into all of those difficult to reach places in your car without damaging surfaces if they accidentally come in contact. Another feature that we like which is often overlooked is the fact that this product uses noise-cutting technology, so you can experience a quieter operation that won’t bother the neighbors.