ADCO Designer Series Aqua Shed RV Cover


We’ll kick off with this RV cover from ADCO. Ever since they were formed in 1955, an ADCO RV cover has been a byword for quality, providing a high degree of protection. They have certainly kept with that pedigree with this offering, the 52245 Designer series of RV Cover.

This model is specifically designed for use in a moderate climate with high moisture. That means that the standout feature is the roofing material, as that is going to provide the most protection from rainfall. It achieves this by employing a triple layer, AquaShed top panel designed to keep your RV as dry as possible.

Tough Polypropylene side panels to protect RV walls accompany the roof panel. Those side panels also feature multiple zipped entry points so you can easily gain access to your RV whilst it is stored. Reinforced buckles, straps and flaps protect against wind damage and prevent slack material.

The cover only provides moderate protection from UV damage so if you live in a very sunny area, it may not be the right one for you. But for the vast majority of people, this is a high-quality RV cover for an attractive mid-range price.