AEM 2 Wideband Gauge Display Set


Making its third and final entry onto our list is AEM with this convenient combo set. The set features both a wideband gauge and a boost gauge, making it the perfect option when it comes to tuning turbo charged vehicles. Both devices are highly accurate, and easy to read, featuring a bright LED display with both numerical values and a sliding ‘needle’. The AFR gauge has an output of 0-5V, which can be easily connected to data loggers and ECUs. For added convenience, the device never requires air sensor calibration.

Both gauges come with everything you’ll need for a quick and simple installation, including interchangeable bezels and weld-in bungs. Both faceplates are also interchangeable, making it easy to customize your device. The boost gauge itself features a readout range of -30 to 35 PSI, for accurate pressure monitoring at all times. It also produces a 0-5V output, which can be hooked up to virtually any engine management system or data logger.