AEM Tru-Boost Controller Gauge


Our best boost gauge model is from a globally recognized brand, the AEM. Everyone who is into cars has come across this brand once or twice. They are the leading manufacturer of vehicle accessories and equipment. They are also known to be one of the most technologically advanced companies that keep all their designs and products at par with technological growth. The AEM has launched AEM Tru-Boost Controller Gauge, which is exceptional in every way. This kit is a complete system that comprises a boost hose, harness, and an onboard sensor system.

This kit features the highest level of boost memory when compared with other high-quality gauge kits. Is uses two different and yet equally effective boost settings that allow you to alternate as and when you please. The AEM boost gauge doesn’t require any external interface when programming; thus, you get to save money and resources for other tasks. We love the Tru-Boost gauge because it is easy to control and operate; it delivers the best durability and doesn’t stand the chance of leaks.