Aero Cosmetics Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit


Aero Cosmetics’ 30-year-old aircraft product has withstood the test of time throughout all the snazzy new commodities entering the automotive market – and rightly so. This product is multi-functioning as both an easy-to-use waterless wash wax or wax after wet washing. As well as cleanliness, Aero Cosmetics tries its best to protect the environment as its product is biodegradable, water based, and alcohol and ammonia-free.

This substance will leave motorbikes glowing after only a few minutes, as this simple waterless procedure combined with high-quality towels included with purchase are sure to produce fantastic results. If you want to turn heads on the street, treat your vehicle with this spray.

Top Tip – Fold the towels in half twice to form a square. Use both damp and dry towels.