AirBedz Pro3 Truck Bed Air Mattress


This is another premium product from AirBedz that also comes with a premium price tag! Still, you’re getting a lot of mattress for your buck here, with this model boasting a very impressive depth of 12 inches. That is putting a lot of very comfortable air between your back and the hard floor of the truck bed, so if comfort is your main concern then maybe give this one a try.

The usual hardwearing PVC has been employed in the construction for a tough mattress that can stand up to whatever the great outdoors can throw at it. Wheel well cut outs allow the mattress to stretch out over the entire truck bed. You can also pick up some fillers for those cut outs (sold separately) so that the mattress can also be used outside of the truck bed, say as a spare bed in your house for example. That makes it all in all a pretty useful and versatile product and goes someway to justifying that price tag.