AirCat 805-HT High Torque Air Ratchet


The best air ratchet or best cordless ratchet that tops our list for these types of pneumatic tools is produced by AIRCAT. We rate it owing to how strong it is, particularly when compared like for like with other 3/8 inch cordless ratchet wrench tools available on the market. It can reach a massive 130 ft-lbs of torque which is most definitely market leading. Plus, it is comfortable to use with owners never having to fear hand fatigue in even the longest of DIY tasks or automobile projects. The handle has been built with comfort in mind using an ergonomic material.

It comes with a two-year warranty, though the air ratchet has been built to last despite how light it is at just over three pounds. It is also quick to respond to user demand through the speed trigger, yet is very quiet with an adjustable exhaust. Additionally, it has an extra large ratchet head to improve the reliability of the tool as well as the unique design that works at eliminating head spreading.