Alfa WiFi Booster for RV


You get three products with this Wifi Extender Booster kit so you can use your portable devices such as iPhones and Android devices as well as a Smart TV or PC when you are in your RV. The RV WiFi range extender comes with a Smart Plug and a powerline.

You also get four 5DBi external antennae which will significantly extend the range of a wireless router and boost the signal strength. With this technology you get Wi-Fi speeds approaching 867(5GHz)Mbps + 300(2.4GHz)Mbps connections for 1167Mbps of total available bandwidth. It comes with built-in amplifiers to boost the signal. The three connection amplifier has a repeater mode, an AP mode and a router mode. The AP Mode will connect a wired network to a wireless network. The 2.4ghz antenna router mode creates a private network to which you can connect multiple devices.