Alien Sunshade Mesh Shade Top Cover


They tried to sell you a Jeep branded mesh top at the dealership? We’re hoping you didn’t pay that ridiculous price, because Alien Sunshade has the perfect alternative. This mesh top comes with a ten-year warranty, backing up the endless stream of positive customer responses and quality reports, just to provide more peace of mind. Apart from fitting just about any 2007 to current Jeep Wrangler and JK model, you’ll also get a few added perks to this mesh cover.

Full UV protection: we’re always told how bad long-term sun exposure is for our skin, and while riding with the top down is a fun time, it’s not beneficial when you go for hours on end. This mesh cover is available in dozens of different designs (including nation flag designs), and includes thirteen bungee cords to ensure that every point of contact is kept under full tension. No header required, highly durable polyester and PVC construction, and a decade (or more) of coverage.

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