ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Car Battery Charger


The first model we’re going to look at today is this product from ALLPOWERS. This is a pretty interesting design in that even though it is one of the smaller sized chargers (it is small enough to sit on the dashboard), it is also one of the most powerful on the list.

It achieves this by employing a Mono-Crystalline Silicon panel in its construction. These types of solar panels are some of the most efficient on the market right now. This high efficiency keeps the size down and the power up – it also, as a side bonus, means this device can charge more effectively in lower light situations than some other products.

On the negative side, whilst we do have reverse discharge protection in place on this model, there is no overcharge protection. That means you can’t leave it plugged in semi-permanently, instead just hook it up every now and then to top up the battery level (and keep it supervised).

It’s also not weather proof. The manufacturers state it can survive a few raindrops, but a pile of sugar can survive a few raindrops, and no one is calling a pile of sugar weatherproof. Luckily it’s small enough to fit on the dash and charge inside the vehicle, so it’s not a huge issue.