AmazonBasics 3-Piece Car Floor Mat


For the really budget-conscious folks, these auto floor mats from AmazonBasics is a worthy alternative to other more expensive rubber car mats. It comes with technically the same features, although the way in which the grooves, channels, and protrusions are designed may be different. Nevertheless, these budget car and SUV floor mats do a good job keeping dirt, debris, water, and snow off of your vehicle’s floor. It’s easy to install and very easy to maintain, too.

Like many of the best floor mats for cars we’ve listed herein, the AmazonBasics creation can also be trimmed to ensure a more perfect fit on the floor of your vehicle. The back of the auto floor mats is also nibbed, securing them well on the floor. The ridges may not be as high as other brands, though. But, if you’re careful enough whenever you enter your car, these summer and winter car mats can be of great value.