Amico 40W 4000LM 4FT Linkable LED Utility Shop Lights


Amico 40W Linkable LED Utility Shop Lights cannot escape the comparison with the previous product on our list made by HoneyBay. There are a lot of similarities since both garage lighting options use 40W of power and provide daylight-like lighting with 5000K color temperature. The difference is that the Amico fixture delivers fewer lumens since the brightness of this item is limited at 4,000Lm. That is still effective when it comes to energy consumption and you cannot neglect the fact that the price per fixture is lower than for HoneyBay shop lights.

If you like hanging LED garage lights, you can use the durable hang chains that come with the packaging, but you can also directly place them on the ceiling. You get four lights in a single pack, but you can connect up to 12 fixtures together, which makes this the best garage lighting in that area. As expected, turning the light on and off is regulated via daisy chain.