ANCHEER Multifunctional Car Mattress


This is an interesting product for a couple of reasons. On the one hand, it is of a slightly different design from the other mattresses on this list in that it is designed to be used on the backseat rather than in the truck bed. That makes it perfect if you are looking to sleep in your car or truck (or even take naps on long drives) but would rather stay in the safety (and warmth!) of the vehicle cabin.

The other interesting thing is this is very much the budget pried item on our list, with a price tag of well under $50. For that price however you are still getting a pretty durable PVC construction and a powerful pump that will have it inflated and ready it use in just a couple of minutes. So all in all, a pretty unique design here to help you sleep in comfort, and with a price that won’t give you nightmares!