Anderson Hitches Rapid Hitch 3410


Before we look at the features of this product let’s just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous this ball hitch is – it is the T-1000 of hitches. That lovely, shiny exterior is not all about appearances though, it is a plated steel finish that helps to protect against rust and corrosion.

In operation, this is a dual ball style of ball hitch. That means that one ball is a 2 inch hitch, and the other is a 2-5/16 inch. That pretty much covers two of the three most popular sizes of ball hitch, so you’re basically buying a product with very wide computability. It also features 12 inches of drop – 6 inches up and 6 inches down. This is a wide arc of movement, which again helps to provide a very wide field of compatibility.

The 2 inch ball is rated for weights of up 8,000 pounds, while the slightly larger 2-5/16 inch ball is rated for up to 10,000 pounds. That is a very useful weight allowance, and it should be good for just about any kind of domestic towing tasks with a full size car, SUV or truck equipped with a Class 3 or 4 trailer hitch. It is designed for use with a 2 inch hitch bar but you can pick up a sleeve accessory for using with a 2-1/2 sized hitch attachment.

It’s not a cheap product, but it is a very high quality item that more than lives up to its premium price point.