Android 7 In-Dash Car DVD Players


Android is one of the best softwares to view media, and it’s made better by the superior physical build of Corehan. View your DVDs and listen to CDs while you’re driving, or hook up your phone via Bluetooth to stream music.

This model comes with full backup camera integration, so you can hook up your pre-existing backup camera to this with no problem. You get a full GPS system with map updates, including both offline and online navigation support, all on a 6.95” display screen w/ 1024 x 600 quality. Make calls from your in-dash with no issue.

The kit includes RCA cables, AUX cables, radio antenna wires, 36/dongle wires, microphone extension wire, a GPS antenna, and more. This is designed to perfectly balance your desire for high-quality video and audio output, while still being relatively simple to install and extremely easy to use. When you get completely hooked up, you can input stereo headphones for children to listen to while you’re driving, without causing a distraction.