Angry Elephant Black Carpet Dashboard Cover


Designed and made in the USA, this carpet dash cover by Angry Elephant perfectly protects your dashboard from harmful UV rays, and as a result, prevents fading and cracking. Every piece is laser-measured, custom-fit to a specific vehicle so a perfect fit is guaranteed. The dash mat is patterned to not interfere with your vehicle’s airbags and it’s held in place by Velcro tabs, which come with the product itself.

What about the installation? A piece of cake – plenty of Velcro strips are provided, so all you need to do is fit the mat on your dash configuration and secure it with the Velcro strips. Although not necessary, you may want to let the cover sit overnight or let the car sit in the sun for a while so everything can flatten out nicely and evenly. As a bonus, the dashmat comes with a lifetime warranty from fading and fraying.