AP Products RV Deadbolt Door Lock


For a well-priced keyless entry system that fits most RVs and gives you simple but effective touch pad access, we say check out this RV Deadbolt Door Lock from AP Products. Straight-forward in both looks and functionality, the five-button pad sits in the door handle, and the operation is simple and smooth. With a four-digit pin, you control the deadbolt, with a back-up set of mechanical keys should there ever be a problem with opening the door. The RV keyless entry is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), the buttons are nicely sized, and the keypad also lights up so you can gain access to your RV at night. There is no wiring required with the RV Deadbolt Door Lock and as it should fit most standard RVs, installation is pretty easy. A decent keyless RV entry door lock for the money.