ARB 72X10 Orange Bushranger X-Jack Kit


ARB’s X-jack was designed with difficult conditions specifically in mind. Whether you need to lift your vehicle on mud, snow, or sand, the jack’s wide footprint will provide ample support, and resist sinking in. Its wide bottom, and triangular feet offer a grip which will keep things firmly grounded.

This jack boasts a unique design, which lifts vehicles through inflation. It consists of a reinforced fabric bag, which is inflated by attaching a hose to your vehicle’s exhaust, although some customers have found it easier to use an air compressor or tire pump. This system means it can be worked into place even when the vehicle has very little ground clearance, which can be a real issue when driving off road. The jack inflates in only two or three minutes, allowing you to get back on the road as quickly as possible. The unusual, inflatable design is reinforced through three fabric layers and a hard core insert, giving it great strength and stability.