ARES Torque Sticks


Ares’ eight-inch torque stikcs are high-impact, trustworthy tools ready to tackle the places most hard-to-reach. Made of heavy-duty chrome molybdenum steel with rust and corrosion resistant manganese phosphate coating, we reckon these torques could be chucked into Mount Doom and still come out looking brand-new.

With a spring-loaded detent ball design to stop parts from falling into machinery, color coded rings to quickly identify the tool to use next, and the required flex to successfully counter excess torque, ARES’ five-bar set is as resilient and high-quality as you can get. Plus, if you’re not feeling like putting in real elbow-grease, the torque sticks are compatible with electric and pneumatic impact tools alike. Backed with decades of experience, opting for ARES is the smartest choice.