Ariens Zero Turn Mower


Our first zero turn mower is refurbished to meet the needs of modern-day home and lawn owners. It is the Ariens IKON-X Zero Turn Mower, a particular unit manufactured to be one of the best performing mowers in the market today. This machine is a refurbishment of older models; thus, it has undergone all the necessary testing and certification to ensure that it’s functional and durable. This mowing machine features upgrades that cover a wide range of aspects, such as cleaning, functionality testing, and repackaging. It comes with different accessories that enable every user to make use of it to the fullest capacity possible. 

This zero-turn mower from Ariens arrives in a generic box, which is the trademark of the brand. The construction of this unit results in a lightweight build that many users appreciate. The IKON mower features two lever controllers and a working scale that caters for all small garden sizes. It does well in every household and can even be used in specific industries for better output. The primary power source of this unit is gasoline, and we love that it is reasonably priced.