Astro 3018 Digital Pressure Gauge


They went ahead and made this tire-themed, so, points for the pun. You get up to 60 psi on your readout, while getting the accuracy that you need. ANSI B40.1 grade B ensures that you get accuracy within 2% of the end result, and is excellent for international use as well. Mechanics actually recommend this product for a correct, quick readout of your tire pressure.

The best thing about any product is when you hear, “No batteries required.” Those are always an inconvenience, but with this model, you just plug and get a readout in seconds. This is made up of steel and brass, so a weather look will occur, but absolutely no rust, no matter how long you own this. Your dial window is superbly easy to read, while the 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee puts some serious weight behind TireTek’s promise that you’re going to love this gauge.