Astro 78818 Pneumatic Tool Torque Sticks


If opening up Astro Tools’ Piece Torque Limiting Extension and Protective Impact Socket Combo Set to see the aesthetic-blue lining of the case is enough to send you into overdrive, the array of features it has to offer will make you lose your mind. This 8pc set – containing all required torque limits and socket sizes for wheel mounting – is a metric kit. Therefore, be sure you can use metric on your lugs before you invest.

These torque limiting extensions are incredibly accurate for tightening lug nuts – just check it out with your torque wrench afterwards if you’re still unsure. What’s more, the manufacturers place safety at the heart of their design and include white protective plastic sleeves and inserts to prevent potential wheel damage. And if all these perks aren’t tempting enough, Astro Tools’ creation is backed with a lifetime warranty. We can’t praise this kit enough!