AstroAl Digital Multimeter AM33D


Our next automotive digital multimeter comes from AstraAl and it has a few interesting features on board. First thing to note is that it is designed to measure the full range of AC/DC voltage, DC Current, Resistance and can perform diode and continuity testing.

All of that is controlled with a simple twist grip dial, which makes it very easy to use. The date is also presented to you on a very bright – and also backlit – LCD screen that is clean and uncluttered. It also has a kickstand built in, so you don’t have to hold it in your hand whilst you work. That’s a useful little safety feature to free up your hands and something we’d like to see on more models frankly. It contains very overload protection to help keep you safe.

The big stand out is the fact it is a troubleshooting model too. It can troubleshoot electrical issues which can be handy when you are testing your car, but it can also be used for training too. a lot of well though out features have been crammed into this tool.