AstroAl Digital Multimeter WH5000A


AstroAl are back here with a product that is bursting with useful – and frankly premium level – features. The two stand outs are True RMS and Auto Ranging, two very useful features that you would not expect to find on a model at this price point.

Aside from that you will find the troubleshoot options we saw on the previous AstroAl model. You can also perform continuity tests, temperature and diode tests. You will find a useful multifunction socket on this model too. That allows you to plug components directly into the multimeter, a really useful feature to see.

Safety is also a big concern of this model. It has the usual over load protections that you would expect for example. But AstroAl have gone a little further, and installed ceramic, explosion proof fuse tubes for a little extra protection. Add in the very useful magnetic hanging point and you have a digital multimeter that is very well designed and built.