ATD Plastic Blow Molded Creeper (81051)


The ATD Creeper joins a long line of affordable plastic creepers that do not compromise on quality in any way whatsoever. The blow-molded plastic features a contoured design, which is perfect for the body, shape. If you do not want to have stiffness in your back and neck after hours of toiling under the car, the ATD can serve you best as it allows unrestricted arm movement so you can work better under the suffocated space.

The ATD is a low profile design for cars that allows for a free workspace. The 1-inch ground clearance is perfect for several low cars. The best feature of the product is perhaps the tool trays that are molded into the plastic body and there is no need to get in and out to grab your tools when you can have all of them readily available. Furthermore, the 3 inches PVC wheels are of industrial strength and are oil resistant; they allow better mobility and portability. The weight capacity of the product is about 300 lbs and it is perfect for beginners due to its ergonomic design.