ATE Original Brake Fluid


ATE is a world-renowned manufacturer of vehicle fluids, lubricants and oils. Their great success is built on bringing products to market that have been well designed and thought out, and that is exactly what they have done here with their TYP 200.

Again, we have a DOT4 classification, meaning a really high boiling point for this fluid. In addition, the product is designed with outstanding Water Locking ability. This means it is designed to keep water from seeping through the porous hoses of the braking system and diluting the fluid.

This also means that the braking system stays responsive for longer – in fact, ATE suggests this fluid could be good for changing intervals of up to three years which is, frankly, a phenomenal performance.

All of that, and you get a liter per container, making this a great deal for such a high-performance product.