ATP Automotive Re-Seal Stops Leaks


A safe, fast and highly effective sealant that promises to act as the ultimate stop-leak for all gaskets and rubbers is the ATP AT-205 Re-Seal Sealer. Is it one of the popular products recognised by many riders and professionals in different parts of the world. It comes in an 8 oz. container but carries a capacity of 6 quartzes. It is just magnificent and is your next best option when it comes to purchasing a gasket sealant. This product stops all leaks at a rapid rate, as it has been formulated to offer a professional level of strength as it performs its function as a fast-acting sealer.

Professionals formulate this head gasket sealer and many individuals who have experience in the operation of all kinds of vehicles; thus, the AT-205 can be used to rejuvenate all gaskets and rubber seals found in varying parts of any car such as the power steering, engines, hydraulic systems, transmissions and differentials. The formula also ensures that there is no breakdown or over-swelling of your seals since it doesn’t contain any petroleum distillates. The AT-205 is compatible with both synthetic and conventional oils, power steering fluids, ATF, hydraulic oils and gear oils. It is an exclusive formula specially created to help restore all worn or dried out seals, without posing any threat or harm to internal bearings and components.