Atwood Stainless Steel Burner Cooktop


Take the Techwood Hot Plate Electric Burner on your next trip and enjoy the very best in meal preparation. This electric RV stove system features a double crystallite glass and timeless stainless steel design, which enhances its durability. It is the perfect fit for all RV kitchens as it’s easy to control and store. The Techwood burner is well suited for use in your RV, holiday homes, dorms, caravans, and offices daily. The compact size of the stove also makes it the excellent extra cooking appliance for your busy kitchen and days when you have guests coming over.

For convenient cooking, this electric burner features a tech infrared ceramic double cooktop system. This unit heats up evenly and swiftly to help save energy and reduce the rate of heat loss. It is considered one of the best stoves in the market also because it doesn’t restrict the use of any cookware. The Techwood electric burner doesn’t require the use of any unique cookware. It can be used with stainless steel, glass and aluminum pots and pans at all times for delicious meal preparation. Perhaps the best feature possessed by this unit is the ability to select your desired temperature. Such a feature means that you can cook a wide variety of meals, ranging from scrambled eggs to pasta and even melted chocolate, without any burning. The oven features a thermostatic knob system that controls the hot plates separately. This system has an overheat protection which kicks in when the temperatures get too high.