Auto Dynasty 6-Inch Stainless Steel Running Boards


We finish up our list of the best running boards with another returning manufacturer, Auto Dynasty. This set of running boards has one big stand out feature, and that is the incredible 6-inch width. They are a very chunky design, and if you are looking for max width out of your running boards, it’s doubtful you’ll find much wider.

All that extra surface area allows for two things. One, you see a lot of polished, chrome finished stainless steel – so these side steps are nice and shiny and very eye catching. It also allows Auto Dynasty to include plastic foot pads (of ABS plastic construction) that are both long and wide. That provides a good mixture of aesthetic appeal and practical use that is always good to see in truck steps.

The price is pretty much mid-range. All in all ita ‘s very interesting design that is a good mixture of looks and use.