AutofitPro Custom Fit Dashboard Mat


Affordable, durable and stylish, the custom fit dashboard by AutofitPro is a great choice if you like comfy, plush dashmats. The cover mat is made of a silicone sheet with anti-slip backing on the bottom and a soft, black fabric on top that not only offers 100% protection against harmful sun rays, but reduces dangerous windshield reflection too. This type of a dash mat cover also helps decrease the dashboard temperature during hot weather, which makes driving during those scorching hot summer months more bearable.

Because this is first and foremost a dashboard sunshield, the installation is super-easy. All you have to do is place the cover on top of your dash configuration and you’re done – no adhesives or Velcro strips needed. As for the fit, every piece is laser-cut and custom-made to match the exact layout of the vehicle’s dashboard, so a proper and snug fit is guaranteed.