Autowings Headrest Dual DVD Player


This is the essential full package deal for anyone looking to entertain passengers on long car trips. You get two screens for the cost of a single high-res one, while retaining all the great qualities that Autowings are known for.

Hook up headphones/gaming devices to these over-the-headrest kits, allowing them to get lost in their media, allowing you to drive with minimal distractions. These support up to 99% of all video formats globally, so you run virtually zero risk of running into a file format that isn’t supported for playback.

Touchscreen features allow your passengers to be in complete control of their media, avoiding distractions or stops to fix/alter settings and adjust playback. It’s simple to use. Wires come from the players to hook underneath your seats, hooking up to a power source inside your car. Unlike low-grade headrest models, you won’t be tripping over wires (or worse, not have enough slack to plug them in).