Babebay Pillow for Newborn Infant Head Support


Newborn infants have extra sensitive body parts, mainly because they’re still developing. To aid in such development and prevent them from forming wrongly, we are recommending one of the best head support systems to you. This is the Baby Pillow for New-borns. It is a pediatrician recommended product, manufactured with newborns up to 12 months in mind. In recent times, the percentage of children with flat head syndrome has increased, and this is because their heads don’t shape properly immediately after birth. To avoid this or to return your baby’s head to its original, beautiful shape, you will need this baby pillow. It is made with a 3D memory foam that offers comprehensive support to the head and neck of your baby. It comes in a heart shape and also features an advanced slow-rebound foam. The use of a breathable cotton fabric ensures that your baby feels comfortable at the backseat, as though he’s asleep in your arms. 

The Baby infant car seat head support is a certified product that can fit anywhere you, please. It has a simple and yet very effective design and can be inserted in any baby rocker, stroller, bouncer, cradle or skull crib without any issues. For ultimate results, we recommend that you use this pillow together with the baby sleep positioner. You can make use of your baby pillow from the first day to help prevent flat head. Its effect will be seen in a span of three months, provided it is used continuously. The manufacturer of this baby pillow believes in their product to the extent of offering a 100% guaranteed satisfaction. This is why, if you aren’t satisfied with its functionality, you’re at liberty to make a return for a full refund immediately.